What would hero’s make of rant?

Remembrance Day Winchelsea

Approximately eight years ago the RNLI banned the firing of maroons on health and safety grounds. There had been accidents, but luckily with no fatalities and this is what they wanted to avoid.

So perhaps it is now time to stop the firing of the rockets at Winchelsea which did interrupt the two minutes silence at the War Memorial and intrude into ones thoughts and prayers.

Wherever you are in the country at the Remembrance Day service no normal person stands and consults their watches, but takes the lead from the person leading the service, and the church clock. If it is a real problem psychologically for this unnamed writer, then perhaps they might like to stump up the cash to correct the clock, or fundraise for it which might be a better use of their time.

As for the laying of wreaths I would say that a retired serviceman who wanted to commemorate his fallen comrades’ sacrifice is more important than a parish councillor whose Chairman had already laid a wreath on behalf of the Parish Council.

People sacrificed their lives to give this unnamed person a voice, but I wonder what those heroes would make of this unseemly rant - surely it is the act of remembrance that is the important element in this church service. If the unnamed writer craves precision then I suggest Westminster next year and not Winchelsea as its service is typical of a country Church, with the added gravitas of the Corporation.

Everyone I spoke to after the service thought it was excellent apart from the rockets, and the Church and Corporation should be very proud of their commemoration of our fallen heroes.

Jacqueline Stanford Winchelsea Beach