Where is climate change evidence?


Lemmings faithfully follow their misguided peers into oblivion; sheep panic at the least cause and sheepishly regroup for the next! Mavericks (Dominic Manning, Your view 14/12/12) analyse the facts, stand their ground and challenge misinformation.

Forty years ago scientists proved we were entering a new Ice Age; 20 years later Al Gore distorted scientific evidence for his own political ends while IGPCC ‘global warming scientists’ predicted global temperatures rising in 10 years from 0.35oC to 0.75oC by 2010 - in fact it only rose to 0.39oC, well within normal variation despite increasing volcanic activity. Scientists were unsure and their unadulterated, non-politicised draft IPGCC report said so!

Science relies on empirical or statistical hypothesis testing which is why scientific knowledge is forever changing and ‘experts’ get it so wrong: distorted spines of Victorian rail passengers travelling at 40mph; an unsinkable ‘Titanic’; an impenetrable Maginot Line; ‘Peace in Our Time’; Thalidomide was safe; Britain had to join the Euro... or else. Yeah, right!

Now, there is a well proven, rapid change in climate patterns when volcanos spew out billions of tons of CO2 and toxic gases. But is there a proven correlation between today’s exponential rises in CO2 and population, or is it coincidental to ‘improved data’, natural and oceanic C02 and methane from earthquakes and undersea volcanos, causing tsunamis and changing sea levels through tectonic plate displacement? Scientists remain unsure!

There are many precedents before and “since records began” of glaciers disappearing and reforming; every September the North West Passage sea-ice thaws - and promptly re-freezes; devastating Great Storms (1987, 1703, Old Winchelsea...) and cyclical warming (Middle Ages warm period and later Little Ice-Age). Yet global-warmists refuse to explain why today’s ‘unprecedented’ climate change is emphatically man-made when those similar disasters and varying climate patterns of yester-year, with a non-industrial world population a fraction of today, were patently not man-made. Explain!

Happy Christmas!

Barry M Jones, Heather Cottage, Bixley Lane, Beckley, RYE, East Sussex, TN31 6TH