Where’s Spike gone?

Dear Sir,

On visiting my father-in-law’s grave at Winchelsea Church, East Sussex on Sunday 23rd of October, a young couple who were tourists came up to me and my wife asking where Spike Milligan’s grave is.

This is very usual for us to be asked, so I went to show them the grave and could not believe my eyes that it was gone.

We said to the couple that we couldn’t believe this and that the grave just cannot go missing. I spotted the vicar in the graveyard and asked my wife to ask him where Spike Milligan’s grave has gone, his response was that Spike’s wife had died and the family had moved the stone to where she had been buried and that the vicar said it had nothing to do with him. My wife said that “This is very unusual isn’t it?”, with the vicar’s response being that it’s “quite common”, so my wife left it at that.

On our way home my wife said she could not see any evidence for anybody to know that Spike Milligan was laid to rest there, not even a small wooden cross with a plaque, as what you would normally get before the headstone is made and also for the tourists to know that he is laid to rest there.

We wondered where the stone went as the vicar did not know. Poor Spike did he have the last laugh?

Mr K Bowen