Why bother keeping new station hours?

IT’S no surprise to see the Rye Police Station being virtually closed down.

Why not go the whole hog and shut it down completely?

The new opening hours are just a token gesture and it is sad to think that the centre of law enforcement in Rye is now open less hours than the local supermarket.

As policing today seems to consist of spin, statistics and self-justification, why not christen this initiative ‘Operation Close-Down’ to give it some real kudos.

Unfortunately, the local police chief wants to protect “neighbourhood policing”, by this I assume she means the PCSOs.

These so called ‘Blunkett Bobbies’ are nothing to do with policing, and are merely an extension to Social Services.

They do a great job guiding foreign visitors and helping people across the road, but as a deterrent to the criminal fraternity they offer nothing.

What people want is more ‘proper’ police on the beat, controlling anti-social behaviour, managing motorists and motorcyclists who show scant respect for other road users and responding to crime in a timely and pro-active manner. Despite the regular pronouncements in this paper about how well they are doing, the visible presence of law enforcement officers on the roads and streets has continued to erode.

We can all rest assured that the next time a high street bank is robbed by armed gangsters, and they accelerate off down the High Street in their high-powered getaway car, as we can rely on our local PCSOs to give pursuit on their ‘push bikes’.

Jim Taggart would turn in his grave!

Steve Eades

Woodland Way, Fairlight