Why dig up the battlefield?

I read in the Battle Observer, June 20 2014. that Dr Glenn Foard, of Huddersfield University, plans to dig up the battle site of The Battle of Hastings.

No one has ever tried digging up Tent Hill,in Ashburnham. The very place where William camped before the battle.

There must be many swords or shields under the soil up there. Whenever I walked over Tent Hill I never found anything though, that looked like it could of belonged to the Normans.

The Battle of Hastings took part a thousand years ago.

Can we not leave this wonderful countryside alone and just believe what there is to be read about The Battle of Hastings.

History is a great subject we are now living in 2014. This year marks a century to the start of The Great War.

How about going to the battle fields in France, there must be loads of equipment, still over there from the war.

If you find anything with Arch Elliott on, they belonged to my grandfather.

It would be great if Dr Foard finds something though that would be a turn up for Professor Robinson.

Johnnie Elliott.