Why does Tesco persist with plans?

The headline in last week’s Rye Observer stated ‘Tesco takes the lead in Store Wars’.

Am I missing something? Sainsbury’s own the site so why are Tesco persisting with applying for planning permission? Even if Tesco’s plans have met with approval and Sainsbury’s have not, it is only a matter of time before this is resolved.

Sainsbury’s would surely never sell the site to Tesco, so what is behind their persistence?

A bit of investigative journalism must be able to find out, so, Rye Observer, - please...

Martin Carter

Iden, Rye

ED: The Rye Observer has reported on the fact that planning regulations allow for applicants to put in plans for sites they do not own.

Tesco own a small part of the proposed development in that they have a right to buy on the Queen Adelaide pub, which is seen as a key point for a entrance to a new store.

You can follow ongoing developments in this week’s edition.