Why is councillor asking questions now?

Rye residents have a great many concerns and grievances with Rother District Council (RDC) and these need addressing, as we do feel we come off a poor second best compared with the residents of Bexhill.

I am pleased to see the Liberal Democrat councillor Rye now wants to be advised of residents’ concerns via her recently distributed questionnaire.

There are, indeed a great many, most of which have existed during the time she has been a councillor, and could have been dealt with had the questionnaire been distributed any time during the past four years.

The Conservative councillor wants more co-operation between Rye and RDC, no doubt in an attempt to alleviate the antagonism that exists in the town, which feels that RDC is remote and uninterested.

It is a pity it is only now he appears to be appealing for co-operation, and one must question for the benefit of whom, for Rye or for the council of which he is a cabinet member/policy maker and vice chairman.

Rita Cox

Udimore Road, Rye