Will high speed internet ever arrive?

I concur entirely with Gary Mewis letter last week on the roll out of rural high speed broadband. I don’t think that we shall see this in Northiam in my lifetime.

I live about a mile from the telephone exchange outside Northiam and get between 4.5 and 5.5 mbps, which is not bad, but not enough to connect up to the internet with my “Smart” TV. They normally require over 10 mbps.

It is the last mile of old copper cable that determines the speed that I get. I can’t see any company stringing out one mile of fibre optic down my country lane for my benefit. When I lived in Rolvenden Layne, Kent I used to get 0.15 mbps from the exchange seven miles away in Benenden. Will they ever get high speed broadband?

Jeremy Taylor, Mill Corner, Northiam.