Your vote on voting system coming up

Did you know – there’s to be a referendum on the May 5 next year to determine whether you – yes you reading this – want to see a fairer voting system when electing the people we wish to represent us?

Did you know nearly 60 per cent of people in Hastings and Rye didn’t want Amber Rudd as their MP? Is that democratic? Indeed, our vote is where democracy starts life yet it is flawed at its inception at the ballot box. The Alternative Vote system will ensure that the elected MP will get over 50 per cent local support.

Oddly enough, all the main parties use a form of ‘alternative vote’ (AV) system within their own internal elections. One rule for them and one for us? It is also used by many very respected organisations - check out the electoral reform website.

What does our local MP Amber say about it: “I have received only a tiny amount of correspondence from constituents on this issue. I believe that my constituents would rather that I attend to the matters that they feel are most relevant and important to them.”

Amber – let me put that right - I believe we need a fairer more democratic system that helps stop, amongst other issues, the comfy position of ‘safe seats’ and the corruption, like the MP’s expenses scandal, that the present system appears to breed.

Personally, I back the ‘YES’ campaign for AV, it is a move in the right direction to improve the quality of politicians we elect to represent us and govern our country.

Oh - and tell Amber that democracy is important to you as well.

Bob Knights

Ghyllside Avenue, Hastings