Johnny Cantor / Brighton must play a Peaky Blinder to succeed at Manchester City

Raheem Sterling is just one of many attacking options for Manchester City (getty)
Raheem Sterling is just one of many attacking options for Manchester City (getty)

You’re in a corner. Your back is against the wall.

There are not many options in terms of an escape. Time is ticking by. The tension is growing and growing. Options are starting to diminish. Do you hold firm or go on the attack? No, it isn’t a season finale of Peaky Blinders, it’s simply what happens when you play Manchester City. The statistics are unquestionable.

Most points, most goals which generally means, most trophies. The current Premier League champions are not however invincible and in Peaky Blinders speak, you always have puncher’s chance.

This weekend the Albion know that the odds are stacked against them but must believe that in this new era they have a chance.

The new head coach Graham Potter gave City a run for their money when at Swansea and will no doubt be hatching a plan to succeed. For all their style and panache we must also remember that the Seagulls opponents have built on a firm financial footing.

Of course you have to spend well and bring in the right people and that is exactly what owner Tony Bloom is trying to replicate on the south coast.

We must remember though that others are less fortunate. This week the demise of Bury just goes to show how perilous life in the Football League can be. Of course, Albion know this all too well.

I have no doubt a phoenix club will appear under a slightly different guise but steps must be taken to ensure prospective buyers have the long term interests of the club in mind and the long term financial capability to survive.

The story of each club that goes to the wall is different but one thing remains the same.

A football club is different to many other businesses as it plays a central role in the community. That applies to both Bury and the team not for away in sky blue in Manchester.

Money continues to flood into the top level but we must protect the clubs, the people and the game. I went to Gigg Lane to do a match years ago with former Albion captain Brian Horton.

It was so cold I thought he was going to turn into a block of ice. However, the warmth of the people at Bury was like being sat by the fire.

I wish them luck in the future. Albion may just need a spot of Thomas Shelby’s luck on Saturday but one thing he always had was a plan, no matter how tight a spot he was in.

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