Rye players expected to stay

Rye United manager Scott Price says his players are staying
Rye United manager Scott Price says his players are staying

Scott Price expects his Rye United players to remain at the football club despite their pay being stopped.

Rye manager Price told Observer Sport that none of his squad have told him they will be leaving even though some live as far away as Eastbourne.

Price said: “Every single player has told me they’re staying. I got them training on Saturday morning and told them all. I said ‘I don’t expect an answer straight away, but I do need to know ASAP’. I did think I would lose a few, but they all came over and said they’re staying.”

While there is always a chance that other clubs could try to lure players away with financial incentives, if Rye’s squad remains in tact, Price believes it would prove wrong anybody who might have thought certain players ‘are only there for the money’.

“That will shut a lot of people up I think,” he continued. “There’s probably five players in our side who you know could go and get money elsewhere, good money.

“I was pleased that they’re staying because it’s good for the club and it’s a big thing for me. And if everyone has agreed to stay, I think we’ll stand more of a chance of winning the league because they’re in it together.”

Price was informed of the wages being halted - not necessarily for good but certainly for the time being at least - during a meeting with club chairman Clive Taylor last Thursday night, although he admits he “knew it was coming”. See today’s Rye Observer for the full article.