Rye to fight league switch

Rye United chairman Clive Taylor
Rye United chairman Clive Taylor

Rye United chairman Clive Taylor has vowed to fight the FA’s decision to move the football club into the Kent County League ‘all the way’.

Taylor received an email from the Sussex County League last week informing him of a decision which was made above their heads. The two parties - as well as Crowborough Athletic who are also being forced to move to bolster low numbers across the county border - had a meeting last night (Tuesday).

The meeting was to construct a plan going forward with an appeal, something which must be in place by early next week. On Saturday, there is another meeting, this time between all the SCFL clubs, supposedly discussing issues for next season, however Rye’s precarious position within the league may alter the focus slightly.

“Ourselves and Crowborough are both fully against the move,” Taylor said. “We’re a Sussex-based club, and all of our playing and coaching staff are from the area.

“The FA may think that Kent isn’t that far away, but off the top of my head I can think of four clubs from the South London area and these could lead to real travel issues for us. Being in the Kent League will also have an impact on our plans for player recruitment this summer so it’s something that needs to be sorted soon.”

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