Deadly Digweed hits perfect 200

George Digweed was bang on target in South Africa
George Digweed was bang on target in South Africa

Shooting star George Digweed hit a perfect 200/200 and bagged a hat-trick of titles in South Africa.

The Northiam hotshot got the new clay shooting season off to the ideal start as he won the South African Grand Prix, the Pan-African Compak Championship and the Pan-African FITASC Championship.

The Grand Prix was up first and after a slow start on the Saturday, Digweed really got into the swing of things on the Sunday, hitting 97 of the 100 targets to tie with Mark Marshall, of Great Britain, and Michele Congialni, of South Africa, for the lead.

The tournament went to a shoot-off, but Digweed and Marshall still could not be separated so it went to sudden death. Digweed held his nerve, though, and just pipped his countryman to the post.

It was followed a week later by two more golds in the Pan-African FITASC and Compak Championships. Firstly, Digweed won the FITASC, a level 2 World Cup event, with a score of 194/200, 11 targets ahead of second-placed Marshall.

Then came the extraordinary performance at the Pan African Compak when Digweed shot 200/200 - a feat only achieved once before, by Digweed himself in 1997.

“I’m over the moon to have got my season off to such a positive start,” he said. “It’s always difficult coming from the game shooting season to competitive shooting, so a good win early on is always a must.

“To win three tournaments on the bounce, and to win both Pan-Africans like I did, is fantastic. The 200/200 is one of the best achievements of my career.”

Digweed will next compete in the French Grand Prix and then head to America for April’s World Sporting Championship, where he will bid for a 21st world title.