Tennis club nets new facility

Thew new clubhouse at Amherst Lawn Tennis Club in Hastings
Thew new clubhouse at Amherst Lawn Tennis Club in Hastings

The players of Amherst Tennis Club have finally got their long-awaited wish of a new clubhouse.

Overseen by chairman Trevor Le Breuilly and helped by club volunteers, the clubhouse became operational in October, although finishing touches have only just finished being applied.

Construction work on the impressive building began back in May 2013, with plans originating long before. It boasts a sizeable social area and a big decking area overseeing the courts, along with much-improved changing facilities.

The club is thankful for a generous anonymous donation which helped greatly towards the funding of the project.

A new clubhouse runs in line with a new coaching regime at the club. Head coach Richard Harrison has left the club after five years for a new challenge at the Soto Tennis Academy in Spain and has been succeeded by Jack Graham, maintaining the 6 Love brand.

Assistant head coach Doug Keen has just seen great success through his client Frances Candy, who has won the over-60s women’s singles at the National Seniors’ Indoor Championships.

Candy has been training with Keen since his appointment back in September, and her regular presence at Amherst is a credit to the integrity of the coaching and the club itself.

If you want to get involved with the exciting times at Amherst, contact Graham for more information by emailing