A stunning show of Motown hits

Review: The Magic of Motown, White Rock Theatre, Hastings. October 12.

Music comes in many flavours from Rock & Roll to Jazz from County and Western to Hip Hop. But one style of music that always gets its fans up and dancing is Tamla Motown better known as ‘The Motown Sound.’

The White Rock Theatre Hastings brought to its stage a massive show which has not only toured the United Kingdom but also the United States as well.

It featured the music of the Temptations, Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Four Tops, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie, Martha Reeves, The Isley Brothers Smokey Robinson and lots more besides.

The people of Hastings and surrounding districts came out in force and once more the White Rock Theatre was packed to the rafters.

I think there were more people out of their seats dancing than actually sitting in them which is a great tribute to this wonderful music.

But it wasn’t just the music that made this show so spectacular, it was the constant beautiful costume changes, and that constant Detroit sound that had everybody’s feet tapping.

Some of the hits we were treated to were Stop in the Name of Love, Get Ready, I Want You Back, I Heard it Through the Grapevine, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and I Can’t Help Myself, all back to back sounds performed with perfection and wonderfully choreographed.

It was spell-binding all the way through and a joy to watch. I looked all around me and all I could see was happy smiling faces and I’d be struggling to pick out one favourite song from that show as there was so many.

But if pushed it would need to be Endless love a song initially written and duetted by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross. This one was duetted by leading man of the show André Lejaune and his leading lady who performed it beautifully.

The Tamla Motown sound will never be forgotten and this Detroit hit factory produced and turned out more them 110 number one hits songs which is a sure sign of its versatility.

This show produced by Michael Taylor has been wowing fans across the country since 2004 and I dare so will continue to do so for many years to follow. Excellent show, excellent night. Hastings can be proud of having a wonderful venue to bring such wonderful talent to the South Coast. Superb.

Review by Malcolm Robinson