Architecture at heart of DLWP shows

Exposure by Matt Calderwood
Exposure by Matt Calderwood

The architecture and environment of Bexhill’s De La Warr Pavilion are at the centre of new commissions by Alison Turnbull and Matt Calderwood who each present solo shows from November 9 to February 23.

Paintings, drawings and sculptures respond to the history, space and elemental forces at play around the building inviting active looking and quiet contemplation.

Alison Turnbull is known for the intricate abstract paintings and drawings she creates from found materials such as cluster diagrams, architectural plans, star charts and maps.

Her exhibition for De La Warr Pavilion presents several new large paintings and works on paper exploring ideas around observation, orientation and perspective.

Turnbull’s starting point for her new paintings are plans drawn up by architect Erich Mendelsohn

In contrast, Matt Calderwood’s new works open the artistic process up to chance, allowing the coastal weather and light to choreograph his work.

An experimental continuation of Paper Over The Cracks, Calderwood’s show earlier in the year at BALTIC 39, geometric structures made from welded steel clothed in billboard paper have been transformed by four months’ exposure to heavy wind, rain and salty air on the outdoor roof terrace.

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