Black Strap Molasses play Eastbourne

Live music with coffee is back on the menu in central Eastbourne on December 4.

Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 8:05 am
Black Strap Molasses

Spokesman Geoff Morley said: “For the first time, the former Under Ground Theatre’s favourite four-piece, Black Strap Molasses, will be providing Saturday Morning Music at Alice Croft House, near the War Memorial roundabout. And it won’t cost you a penny to come in and listen.

“It’s only their second show since lockdown and the second with the line-up slightly amended. It was guitarist Nick Westcott who founded Black Strap as a folk group, in his words ‘back in the last century’ and he remains in charge, as usual sharing lead vocals with daughter Melody.

“But now they’re joined on stage by Melody’s sister Jo who’s taken over on keyboard after the retirement of long-standing member Veronica Clark. And it’s guaranteed that they’ll continue to develop a repertoire that had already expanded far beyond the world of folk, though Nick remains a resident at The Lamb Folk Club, which is now back in business. At Alice Croft, BSM will be combining songs from their past catalogue, vintage pop and more.

“For example, you can expect to hear Tom Pacheco’s Big Jim’s Honey, the story of a highly successful honey farm where the bees’ favourite nectar came from the field of marijuana plants next door. And there’s a second airing for Nick Westcott’s adaptation of the Kenny Rogers hit, The Gambler which is re-imagined as The Keeper, a song about football – from the perspective of a goalkeeper, Nick’s own favoured position in his playing days.”

BSM will be on stage at Alice Croft from 10am until noon, with one short break. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and biscuits will be available from 9.30am. Alice Croft House is on Cornfield Lane, behind the David Salmon furniture store.