Hastings Thrives Songwriting Competition open for entries

The sixth annual Hastings Thrives Songwriting Competition and Showcase, for young people living in Hastings, is officially open.

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 6:05 am
Hastings Thrives online songwriting competition judge Frank Moon

Spokeswoman Jenny Lozano said: “The theme is Nature and we are online again this year.

Spend ten minutes in nature looking, listening, feeling and being. It can be anywhere you choose: your garden, the street, park, woodland, the sea. Take someone suitable with you to stay safe. Songs can be anything you choose from a celebration, quirky, evocative, protest.

And you can get imaginative with your melodies. Gather some objects from nature and scatter them like notes on lined paper.

“There's help too. Join our after-school or home-ed course on Tuesdays. And for ten lucky people in the 12-15-year-old category, you can enter your song by June 9tand receive judge's feedback, so you have the chance to grow your song. The final submission deadline is midnight June 23 2020.

“For those who like a bit of local history, feel inspired by botanist Marianne North who lived in Hastings and has over 800 nature painting displayed at Kew Gardens.

“Judging categories are for under-12yrs, 12-15 and 16-19. There will also be a public vote for favourite song. The Judges’ Winners and the Popular Vote Winner will receive a fabulous experience professionally recording their song.

“For further information visit our website