A celebration but also a farewell

Come and celebrate a 450 year tradition of marvellous words and music at Meet of the Tongue at 8pm on May 6 at the Ostrich in Robertsbridge.

Bring a song or sonnet, rocking rhythm, or rap...or simply “lend us your ears” and soak up the talent of new and regular poets, storytellers and musicians. Mayday mayhem and fine ales from the bar guaranteed.

Yvonne Rees said: “This will also be Hilary Watkins’ last Meet Of The Tongue as host, after seven years steering our unique performance space beyond the boundaries of imagination; so we are hoping friends old and new will come and give her a good send-off!” Hilary is a professional storyteller who set up this diverse and creative monthly event. Doors open 7.30pm. For more information email info:meetofthetongue@hotmail.com, or find the group on Facebook.