A chance to see Spike film shot in Rye


RYE Film Club is offering the chance to watch the rarely seen Yellowbeard, parts of which were filmed in Church Square and Mermaid Street.

It is being shown tonight (Friday) at Rye Community Centre at 7pm.

Yellowbeard is a remarkable amalgam of the best of British and American comedic talent of the early 1980s.

The eponymous hero is ably portrayed by Graham Chapman, joined by fellow Pythons John Cleese and Eric Idle with Peter Cook, Spike Milligan and Marty Feldman, sadly in his final role, adding to the mix.

From the U.S.contingent come Cheech and Chong, Madeline Kahn and Peter Boyle. If this wasn’t enough we find James Mason, Michael Hordern and Beryl Reid popping up too.

The screening will be followed by the 60 minute documentary ‘The Making of Yellowbeard’ – to many minds a better film than the movie itself. A brief interval between films will give people the chance to stay or make an early exit. Tickets cost £5, and Film Club membership cards will not be valid for this film.