An artist but also a storyteller

Preview: John Hamilton, Weekend Gallery, 86 High Street. August 25 to September 23. Free.

THE use of stories has always been important in John’s work.

Sometimes he illustrates the story directly in to his paintings. For other work the story will give him a starting point, which then develops into a series of drawings and ideas.

He is a founder member of Rogue Artists Studios in Manchester which now houses over 90 artists. He has exhibited widely across the UK and USA and has work in private collections worldwide.

John often describes his work as a snapshot, a film still or a scene from a play. We are not aware of what has happened before this and we will not know what happens next. That is up to you, the viewer, to decide this, allowing you to present your own narrative.

The character that appears in John’s work developed some years ago while painting mythological images. He often gave creatures and angels round, blank faces so as not to give them an identity. The faces then gradually developed simple features which is how they are now. Some people want to cuddle and hug them, while others find them sinister. Depending on your view of the character, what is happening in the pictures appears differently.

John’s work includes painting in oil and acrylic, printmaking and large-scale drawing and collages. He has recently completed his Masters degree in Childrens Book Illustration.