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I Am A Norman which is a Root 1066 photographic project
I Am A Norman which is a Root 1066 photographic project

As part of the Root 1066 International Festival this autumn in our area, photographers Nigel Green and Andrew Moran are searching for modern-day Normans.

More precisely, they want to find any inhabitants of the 1066 area who have a link to the names of William the Conqueror’s companions at the famous Battle itself. If you have one of the family names and are willing to be photographed, share information, and take part in a photographic exhibition in September 2016, Nigel would like to hear from you.

The modern variations of the names are commonly seen in our area and are: Beaumont, Boleyn, Devereaux, Mort, Osborne, Thairs, Gifford, Montford, Warren, Mallet, Bayeux, FitzRolf, Daigle, Mowbray, Morton, Duffey, De Tosny, Grandmesnil.

The exhibition runs thoughout September in the 1066 area. To view the blog site go to: www.iamanorman.wordpress.com. For more information on the ‘I Am A Norman’ project, contact am.photographic@icloud.com