Leading artist is on the menu at star restaurant

Will Taylor's picture of a sheep
Will Taylor's picture of a sheep

Will Taylor, The Curlew, Bodiam

MICHELIN-starred restaurant The Curlew has unveiled the third collection in its resident artist series with works by Will Taylor, elected president of the Society of Graphic Fine Art in 2011.

The restaurant, based at Bodiam, is housing nine pieces of work from fine artist and printmaker Taylor: Induction Course, Fibonacci’s Rabbit, How To Eat An Elephant, Pythagoras, Calculus II, Quadratic, Universal Pig, Formulae, The Vitruvian Hare and Leonardo’s Cow.

The images reflect the Rye-based artists’ traditional line techniques in etching, pen, charcoal and silverpoint, in work that contains a strong element of drawing.

The impressive portfolio of Taylor also includes stunning representations of animals, the botanical, famous figures, houses, buildings and landmarks, natural science and the natural landscape.

Mark Colley, owner of The Curlew, said: “After the success of Marina Kim and Fran Giffard’s exhibitions, we are proud to add Will’s work to The Curlew.

“We really feel Will’s images add something unique to dining at The Curlew.

“Not only are the work’s rural touch points clearly relevant, but also the incredible eye Will clearly has for his craft.

“You can easily become lost looking at Will’s unique images; the minute details and accuracy are really quite extraordinary.”

It is the third time work has been supplied to The Curlew by The PURE Arts Group.

PURE Arts Group director Lesley Samms said: “We know how fortunate we are to have such an incredible platform to show our artist’s work.

“We’re really pleased that Mark and Sara Colley are so committed to showing the incredible talent we have here in East Sussex.”