Sussex Coast College student’s debut Isolated Structures

Anerley Cartlidge SUS-180521-134555001
Anerley Cartlidge SUS-180521-134555001

Young artist Anerley Cartlidge will bring her debut performance piece Isolated Structures to Sussex Coast College on June 15 at 6pm.

Isolated Structures at the final year exhibition, which showcases students’ work, will aim at challenging preconceived notions of femininity and masculinity.

The performance is choreographed to create sound and movement through interaction with a steel frame within which dancers express gendered attributes.

Artist Anerley commented: “Focusing on performance art, contemporary artists such as Eddie Peake, has opened my eyes to make me consider the way the piece is made and the effect the materials included have in the piece.

“I believe gender should be disguised between male and female however I disagree with the stereotypes of identity that come with this. Masculine and feminine ideals scope our definition of what a man and woman should be like. Shape, strength, colour and attitudes are all factors that in each gender stereotypes are formed and guidelines are created if you want to stay within this gender, for example if a man’s shape and strength is small and weak some may suggest those are feminine attributes.

Within my work I want to trigger gender ideals and concepts freeing the viewer from all ideology within gender, opening their mind to question gender roles.”