Fairport Convention in folk rock masterclass

fairport convention gig at st marys in the castle
fairport convention gig at st marys in the castle

Co-founded way back in 1967 by Simon Nicol and Ashley Hutchings, Fairport Convention is the most celebrated folk-rock band of all time.

Such distinguished musicians as Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson, Dave Mattacks, Iain Matthews and Dave Swarbrick have all done their bit over the years with the band, which is now in the safe hands of Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg, Ric Sanders, Chris Leslie, and the percussionist, Gerry Conway.

Fairport Convention are recipients of the coveted BBC Lifetime Achievement Award and their seminal album Liege & Lief was voted as the Best Folk Album of All Time in a recent BBC readers poll.

Auditorium seats (£23.50) and Balcony seats (£19.50) from 01323 841414.Balcony seats only at Hastings TIC, 01424 451111 and Music’s Not Dead in Bexhill 01424 552435