A memorable night of Pink Floyd Music

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In today’s music market there are many tribute bands paying tribute to their heroes bringing that band’s music to those fans who may never have had the opportunity to see the real thing.

I’ve personally seen countless tribute bands and whilst they certainly try to recreate the sound of their heroes, no one comes close to a band called ‘Think Floyd’ who recreate the sound of ‘Pink Floyd’ They’ve been billed the definitive Pink Floyd Experience and who can argue with that, certainly not me and certainly not a packed White Rock Theatre in Hastings.

As the group walked onto a darkened stage, a loud welcoming roar sounded out from the large Hastings audience. The band started out with ‘Cluster One’ followed by ‘What do you want from me’? and continued with a number of other massive Pink Floyd hits.

However it wasn’t just the music that the Floyd fans were enthralled with, the band’s magnificent laser light show was equally impressive and they certainly re-created that aspect of the Floyd show which has been a major factor in all Pink Floyd concerts.

After a short break it was time to take to our seats and the audience marvelled in the recreation of tracks such as ‘Shine on you Crazy Diamond’, ‘Wish you Were Here’, ‘Division Bell’, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ ‘Dogs’ ‘Us and Them’ and ‘Burning Bridges’ from Obscured by Clouds. For me though the best track of the night was the band’s recreation of the very early Pink Floyd hit, ‘See Emily Play’.

Lewis Hall on bass was class personified whilst Steve Farmer on drums was the backbone of the band. Keyboard player Kirk McLeod was note perfect on all the Floyd tracks and as for Richard Morse on lead guitar, well it was like listening to the great Dave Gilmour himself.

As a thank you to the Hastings fans, bass guitarist Lewis Hall said that every single member of the audience would get a free DVD of that night’s performance. He further stated that the White Rock Theatre was by far his favourite venue to play at, and that it all started for him here at the White Rock 13 years ago when he played his first gig. After Lewis’s short statement the band launched into more hits and sadly the show came to an end, or did it!

Such was the stomping of feet and hand clapping for more that soon the band were bounding back out onto the stage. They finished off with Comfortably Numb with a guitar solo from Richard Morse that would have put a smile on Dave Gilmour’s face.

I should also mention the wonderful performance of Think Floyd’s saxophone player Freddy de Lord who like all the artists was note perfect. The angelic voice of Think Floyd’s female backing singer Ella Chi was also a joy to listen to.

And as the large Hastings crowd ambled out of the White Rock Theatre I counted myself lucky to have been part of such a wonderful night.