Applewood Road in-store gig

Applewood Road featuring Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace are heading to Bexhill and they’ll be playing live at Music’s Not Dead tomorrow (Saturday February 13) from 3pm..

In September 2014, the three songwriters met for the first time in a cafe in East Nashville. By the next morning they had put finishing touches to their first song, Applewood Road, which they recorded live to tape in the studio.

The song’s nostalgic air, along with the clear, sparse arrangement of three vocals accompanied by double bass, drew immediate response, and they decided to expand the idea into a full album. Six months later, they reconvened to write, rehearse and record songs for the self-titled album Applewood Road. The songs were again performed live around a single microphone and recorded with minimal accompaniment from some of Nashville’s finest session players.