Ethereal grace and strength in live music event

Divertimento for Rope & Strings at St Mary In The Castle

Step inside the music is the invitation to audience attending Divertimento for Rope & Strings at St Mary In The Castle on Thursday April 5.

This free event is a playful collaboration between prize-winning acrobat Gisele Edwards and two virtuoso classical musicians.

Captivating, funny and inventive, the artists play with the musical score exploring the spaces, the silences, the dots, the lines, the dashes, the melody, along the horizontal of the stave and the vertical of the metronome.

Apart from Gisele, taking part will be acrobat Joe Keeley, and they will be moving to music from cellist Midori Jaegar and violinist Phillip Granell in the piece co-directed by Kate Higginbottom.

The full-cast production of Divertimento will premiere in Hastings at St Marys in the Castle and the performance begins at 6pm but the audience is invited from 5.30pm to enjoy a chat about the work and a drink.

This presentation will be free but Gisele and her fellow artists are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to close the gap between what they have and what they need to deliver the show as they would like it to be. If you would like to help Gisele please visit where you can make a donation.

Divertimento is an original performance conceived by Gisele and co-produced with MSL Projects which aims to achieve “performances, exhibitions and installations which engage and inspire people, and transform communities.”

Rye Creative Centre will also be hosting a performance of Divertimento in Rye on March 28 (1.30pm for 2.00pm). Tickets are £6, and £5 for concessions.

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