Live instore next weekend in Bexhill for Orphan Colours

Orphan Colours at Musics Not Dead
Orphan Colours at Musics Not Dead

When UK alt country band ahab took an indefinite break from it all, songwriter Steven Llewellyn decided to form his own band with the help of ahab originator Dave Burn and former bassist Graham Knight.

Being already part of the London Americana scene made it easy to get involved in collaborations with members of bands like Danny And The Champions of The World, whose drummer Steve Brookes quickly became a permanent member of Orphan Colours, along with Fred Abbott, formerly lead guitarist with Noah And the Whale.

After a successful EP release the band set about building a live reputation on the festival circuit, playing the likes of Cambridge Folk Festival and Maverick, as well as headlining their own show at London’s Borderline. Alongside this the band was busy writing and recording debut album All On Red.

Llewellyn commented: “Most of the songs are about relationships of friends or lovers, breaking down or beginning. I had written my fair share of sensitive songs for ahab - about love and loss and all that, and there’s a few on here but I really wanted to bring a bit of rock n roll into the UK Americana scene and I feel like we’ve achieved a good balance on this record. I want it to excite people most of all. I picked the name All On Red because of its meaning in gambling, which is essentially what all this music biz career is.”

Orphan Colours comes to Music’s Not Dead in Bexhill on Saturday February 17 for an instore gig at 5pm. Free entry.