Live music for free from Pete Astor alongside new album

Pete Astor

Pete Astor is coming to Music’s Not Dead in Bexhill to play a special live instore to celebrate the release of his new album One For The Ghost.

He will be at the Devonshire Road venue on Saturday March 10 from 4pm - entry is free.

Astor has made records as part of the legendary bands The Loft, The Weather Prophets, The Wisdom of Harry and Ellis Island Sound.

One for The Ghost is a record born through time and in it he brings together strands and flavours from his work over the years, mining timeless guitar pop to frame wry lyrical insights and melodic hooks, and making music for now but with an eye on the past and to the future.

Having released Spilt Milk (Fortuna Pop!) in 2016 to an overwhelmingly positive response, Astor continues the musical spirit of that album with James Hoare (Ultimate Painting, Proper Ornaments, Veronica Falls) remaining a mainstay on guitar.

He is now joined by The Wave Pictures’ rhythm section of Franic Rozycki on bass and Jonny Helm on drums, while Pam Berry of Withered Hand and Black Tambourine contributes vocals.

One For The Ghost’s rainy day psychedelia maintains Astor’s engagement with relevant and contemporary worlds, from the wit of the title track (It’s the wallpaper or me you know/one of us has got to go/ said Oscar Wilde/ and then he died), to the London-based outsider ache of Walker via the ageless lovesong of Water Tower and its hymn to rural modernism.

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