Never Mind The Scallops - it’s the Mountain Firework Company album launch for Rye Festival

As Rye Scallops Week (Feb 23 to March 3) reaches its climax of feasting fresh from Rye Bay alongside live music, The Mountain Firework Company is back in town for a special gig to launch its new album.

The Brighton-based band has chosen the evening of Friday March 1 to showcase The Beggar’s Prayer.

This hugely talented five-man combo, playing and original blend of alt-folk, country, Americana, Bluegrass, is coming back to do an out-of-season gig for Rye Arts Festival, following popular concerts in previous festivals.

The band is hard to categorise but has been described as “alternative bluegrass with a dark treacle centre.”

The Mountain Firework Company likes Rye so much they chose the town as the place to launch their brand new album, which will make this year’s St David’s night one to remember.

The feeling is mutual and Mike Prince, who is organising the gig for Rye Arts Festival, said: “At their last Rye appearance they sold more CDs than any other act we’ve booked!

“If you’ve seen them before, you’ll know how good they are! If you haven’t, then buy tickets and you won’t be disappointed!

“It won’t be obligatory to dance on the night or buy a CD of the new album, but I’m warning you both these could be very much on the cards.”

The gig starts at 8pm in the Rye Community Centre. Tickets costing £12 can be purchased at or 01797 224442.

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