Pop legends in tribute show tonight

Ultimate Elton and Bowie tribute night
Ultimate Elton and Bowie tribute night

The rocket man and Major Tom - for a nostalgic night out with pop legends catch the Ultimate Elton Meets Pop Up Bowie at the White Rock theatre tonight at 7.30pm.

A lifelong Elton John fan, Paul Bacon first started singing and performing Elton’s songs in the early 1980’s. With an extraordinarily similar singing voice to Sir Elton’s, Paul is able to draw on an amazing back catalogue of hits to produce a truly wonderful celebration of Elton’s music. Paul’s performances often feature some of Elton’s actual clothes, bought from his ‘Out the Closet’ sales.

The award winning ‘Pop Up Bowie’ is a stunning tribute to the Thin White Duke and Paul Antony as ‘Pop Up Bowie’ performs the greatest hits of David Bowie, from every era of his career from the 70’s through to the nineties and beyond.

Paul’s vocal and visual likeness to David is also remarkable. He performs his show solo, or backed by a fantastic band of experienced, pro musicians to provide a pulsating night of pure Bowie. Performance 7.30pm, call 01424 462288