Alan Ayckbourn’s Absent Friends

Absent Friends at the White Rock
Absent Friends at the White Rock

Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Find out in Alan Ayckbourn’s revealing but hilarious take on relationships at the White Rock Theatre next Month.

Absent Friends will run from September 17-18 and is directed by Michael Cabot and designed by Simon Kenny. 

First produced in 1974, Absent Friends is a play that explores friendship, marriage and what it ultimately means to be happy. In one of his finest plays, Ayckbourn’s craftsmanship and acute social observation have never been sharper or more biting.

Ayckbourn is an Olivier and Tony Award winning playwright, whose 78 plays have been produced worldwide.

Diana has organised a tea party for Colin, an old friend of her husband Paul. Colin’s fiancé has recently drowned and the aim is to cheer him up with a gathering of old friends Paul, John and Gordon. Gordon is, typically, ill and his wife Marge turns up instead, while Paul and John are less than enthusiastic about the party.

All this hides deep problems and entanglements - the majority of these emerge before Colin has even arrived, and just as matters threaten to erupt, the man himself turns up, and the plot thickens. Book on 01424 462288.