Battle Memorial Hall launches seat appeal

MANAGERS at Battle Memorial Hall are appealing for residents to help fund a new project at the hall, as they have run out of places to apply for grants.

Earlier this week, Jane Smith, manager of Battle Memorial, supported by Hall Management Committee chairman Ron Harris, launched an appeal for the community to support a major project to provide 130 fixed seats in the hall.

Jane said: “As many people already know, significant improvements have been made to Battle Memorial Hall over the past couple of years.

“Most of the improvements have been made possible thanks to support from various generous grant-making bodies.

“Unfortunately, despite a careful search, we seem to have run out of grant-making bodies to approach.

“But we still have a major project to fund – providing 130 permanently fixed folding retractable seats to be fitted to the existing seating platform.

“I feel sure that there must be those who would like to buy a chair in memory of a loved one, or contribute towards the full cost of £116 per seat, so we are launching this appeal for public support.”

At present, using the hall’s existing chairs, the banked seating platform takes around two hours of arduous work to set up.

And Jane says finding volunteers to help set up the platform is becoming increasingly difficult and believes the need to set up the platform is deterring some potential users from booking the hall.

The retractable seats will be permanently fitted to the platform and will deploy and fold away in minutes – with minimal effort.

Ron Harris said: “This is a call for the whole of the Battle community to support their community hall.

“I know that it is not the best time to be seeking help, but I am confident that Battle will respond.

“I urge those that can help to contact Jane on 01424 772044 or 07714270373 email for more details.”