Comedian Bill Bailey on how to just bobble along

Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey

Your New Year’s resolution might have been kicked into touch - farewell, Dry January - but comedian Bill Bailey is sticking with his and it’s pretty much the theme of his new tour, Larks In Transit.

Bill wants to relish every second of life and enjoy all the good moments and experiences whenever they come along.

“So far my resolution seems to be working,” he said this week. “And it is tied in with the nature of my show which is to live in the moment and make the most of every day. That is really the over-riding theme of the tour; it’s about having fun along the way, appreciating whatever opportunities there are every day, being open to happiness.

“Happiness seems to be this elusive thing, but I think you find it in the small stuff, the little details. I bobble along on that kind of level, I never get too euphoric or down, and it’s a good way to be, it sustains.

“There is a robin in my garden who is so tame he will feed out of my hand; when he takes a worm from me, I feel so good. And that’s me sorted for the day. Sometimes that’s all it takes.”

Larks In Transit will tour the length and breadth of the UK from the end of this month through to early summer and visits Hastings White Rock Theatre on Monday May 14 and Tuesday May 15. Tickets cost £31 from 01424 462288 and

The show is a compendium of travellers’ tales and the general shenanigans of 20 years as a travelling comedian. Bill, who is also a presenter and actor, will tackle politics, philosophy, play instruments, and talk about whatever pops into his head that day. The tour is a prospect he relishes.

“I love getting around, it is one of the great pleasures of doing this job that you get to seer Britain in a way few people do. I get to travel the whole of the country and see so gives me a better insight into the country and the way it works and the people in it. So much has happened in the last year or so that it helps to understand Britain and what Britishness really is. And it is a stunning place - Britain is an amazing place and so incredibly diverse, with our countryside, with a huge range of birds, lakes and rivers, mountains, our coastline; it’s a great privilege in a way to see all this as part of doing my job.”

He has visited Hastings “many times” and remembers last time he performed here was in the middle of writing his book Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to British Birds which was a humorous and informative romp through his favourite species, packed with anecdotes, drawings and field notes. “I sat in my hotel room watching the seagulls and crows, the magpies, just observing their behaviour.”

As a talented musician who can play “anything with a neck and strings, or keyboard basically” Bill could have pursued music as his career but he knew as a youngster performing live with his mate in a comedy club in Bath that this was the path he should follow.

“I like comedy. It is mercurial. It is quick and finds its way out of all sorts of subjects...and that gives enormous scope. Comedy is very much in the moment.”