Complex journey

Mine by Polly Teal
Mine by Polly Teal

Preview: Mine by Polly Teal, The Stables Theatre, The Bourne. September 21 to 29.

The play focuses on a successful couple who live a privileged life in a ‘perfect’ house, they have everything they could wish for, except the one thing they want most of all - a baby.

They embark on a journey to foster a child, but the experience is far from straight-forward.

Director, Heather Alexander, has combined film footage and live drama to portray the complexities of the foster mother, played by Maxine Wareham, and those of the young birth mother, Rose, played by Melanie Wilder.

As the two women seek to resolve their own childhood issues, their obsessions begin to affect all those around them.

Heather, who recently directed the musical Rent at the theatre, describes herself as ‘passionate’ about the play, and said: “According to the Fostering Network a child comes into care or needs a foster home every 22 minutes.”

She says that the play addresses what this can mean for some of those most closely involved.

For a town like Hastings where many families foster children, the play touches on topical and emotional issues.

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