Festive season kicks off with Aladdin at the White Rock

What better way to start the festive season than a trip to the pantomime, and this year’s White Rock Theatre’s production of Aladdin is bigger, brighter and more magical than ever.

If you see one show this year make sure it’s pantomime, a spectacular production that includes all the elements of great theatre - comedy, dance, dazzling sets and costumes making it unmissable for young and old alike.


We caught up with Louie Spence to find out a bit more about the man behind the showbiz and high kicks.

A. “Dance is a creative art form, so if you feel it and it comes from inside, just do it! I have three sisters – two older sisters and one younger sister. My two older sisters went dancing on Saturday mornings before my younger sister was born, so my mum thought, well how can I get rid of all three of them? So she sent me. I wasn’t really that interested until they gave me the Lycra and then that was it! I ended up going and staying in my Lycra tights and carried on dancing.”

A. “I thought I was going to go and work. I applied to Butlins, thinking I’d be a fabulous Red Coat-Blue Coat-or whatever colours they’ve got, I don’t know because I didn’t get the job! The reason I didn’t was because I was too young. I was 16 and they didn’t take you until you were 18. I applied for college, and after I left I went straight into

A. “Panto suits certain people and it goes without saying it suits me, it’s a joyous affair. What I love about panto is you never have the same show. Because every evening there’s always a different interaction with the audience. You judge your audience and you give them a different show every day. In