High drama lined up for Rye Arts Festival


Fascinating literary talks and top -quality professional theatre provide plenty of drama for this year’s Rye Arts Festival.

Robyn Young delivers a timely talk on Tuesday 16th September just two days before Scotland votes on whether to stay in the UK.

The best-selling historical novelist is talking about her Insurrection trilogy of novels which are based on the life of Robert the Bruce.

Other authors giving talks in the packed fortnight of the 43rd annual Rye Arts Festival between 12th and 28th September include Vicky Pryce who helped out her husband Chris Huhne by taking his driving points. She tells her story on Tuesday 23rd September and offers her thoughts on penal reform.

Drama is well served at this year’s Festival with The Rain That Washes on 15th September a one-man play about a young Zimbabwean’s awful experiences before, during and after independence when he had to flee his new country for his life.

This show wowed Edinburgh Fringe in 2013, as did the White Room Theatre Company with their show of bite-size plays who will be serving up six 10-minute plays on 25th September.

The Box Office for in-person bookings is at Phillips & Stubbs in Cinque Ports St, Rye from 9.30am to 1pm on Mondays to Saturdays until the end of the Festival or book online at www.ryeartsfestival.co.uk.