Magic is afoot in Rye with new monsters and mystery

World Of Legend in Rye SUS-171218-121546001
World Of Legend in Rye SUS-171218-121546001

It’s magic from before Harry Potter was born when The World Of Legend opens the doors today (December 22) on its 18th Century school for witches and wizards.

A new show with dragons, Tome of the Enchanters, will be presented at 1pm and 4pm at the venue on The Mint in Rye, and promises magic, monsters and mystery.

This unique hybrid of immersive theatre, interactive storytelling and the crystal maze, has already opened in Rye and is set in an alternative England, where Wizards live side by side with fairytale beasts. The playing audience of up to 25 children and adults work as one team to complete puzzles, interact with creatures and characters, use magic and hopefully live to see the following day. Some of the puppets and masks used for the various adventures are designed by Doctor Who designer Mark Cordory, the sets are professional film scenery and the soundscapes are specially composed and narrated by international artists. The experience has been wowing audiences since it opened at the end of October.

It’s the brain child of Oliver McNeil, fantasy photographer and live game designer. He wanted to create an entertainment that engaged children and teenagers and helped them communicate with each other but could also be enjoyed by the whole family.

The 90-120 min running times, without interval, have been engrossing all ages since they have started, which is no mean feat in an age of tablet and mobile entertainment. There is even a version you can play at home, using the same soundscapes and storylines. Call 01797 222942 to book, or visit for more information.