Review: Caramba’s Revenge, Fairlight Village Hall, Saturday July 30

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CARAMBA’S Revenge, a darkish comedy by William Norfolk, was an amazing story.

Little old ladies formed a co-operative, moved in together, and then, for financial gain, got involved in hiding dead bodies, getting drunk, shoplifting, and conspiring to murder.

The play was full of innuendo and one-liners well delivered by the Fairlight Players.

The stage setting was impressive, cleverly using all available space to show the living room of the house, including using two doorways to give glimpse views of the kitchen and a stairwell, and a viewing window leading to the garden.

The play was witty, with suspense and dialogue mastered by all the amateur actors involved, while the prompt remained speechless in the wings.

All credit to Doris (Nicky Harris), Lottie (Gill Jenks), Marge (Clare Murray), Grace (Myfanwy Attree), Ronnie (Charlotte Eastes), Augustus Grubb (Greg Slaugh,ter) and Rose (Esther De Vries). Their performance, directed by Aubrey Sinden, was well appreciated by the audience.

It was good to see the wonderful community spirit at the hall, with an army of workers helping make the play and evening a success. Residents of Fairlight can be very proud of the achievements of the Fairlight Players.