Set off into the punset with Stewart Francis’ last ever tour

Stewart Francis
Stewart Francis

It’s the farewell tour that keeps on giving - Canadian comedian Stewart Francis brings his hilarious show Into The Punset to the White Rock Theatre in Hastings on Thursday November 21.

The star of Mock The Week, Live At The Apollo and Crackerjack claims this is is last tour ever. See him before he heads off... into the punset.

The comic, who has won Dave’s Funniest Joke Of The Fringe and made many appearances on Mock The Week, has been speaking about quitting comedy since 2013, saying he wanted to pursue his first love of being a cartoonist.

In an interview with Chortle he said: “Plan A was always to be a syndicated cartoonist but after getting rejection letters I shifted to Plan B.

But stand-up – I’ve been there and done it now. I’m grateful for everything it’s given me, including the chance to be what I always wanted to be – a cartoonist. It’ll be a step back financially but personality-wise and creatively, a step forward as far as I’m concerned.”

He released his first book of illustrations, Pun Direction, in 2013. It was billed as a collection of “500 jokes, 30 cartoons and one recipe.”

Francis took to the live stage most recently as part of the All-Star Stand-Up Tour alongside Justin Moorhouse, Jarred Christmas and Mike Gunn, then announced his final tour which began in October.

Tickets £26.50 from 01424 462288 or

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