The myth and menace of gothic storytelling in compelling drama

Jekyll & Hyde by Blackeyed Theatre
Jekyll & Hyde by Blackeyed Theatre

The White Rock Theatre will present a thrilling new adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s dark psychological fantasy, The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, which comes to Hastings on Wednesday January 24 at 7.30pm.

The myth and mystery of 19th century London is faithfully recreated by the acclaimed Blackeyed Theatre in this chilling production, which is adapted and directed by Nick Lane and presents a unique take on the classic Gothic horror story.

Doctor Henry Jekyll is a good man. Successful within his field and respected by his peers, he’s close to a neurological discovery that will change the face of medical science forever. However, his methods are less than ethical and when a close friend and colleague threatens to expose and destroy his work, Jekyll is forced to experiment on himself, whereupon something goes very wrong...or very right. Suddenly Jekyll has a new friend, the brutal Edward Hyde.

This piece of theatre takes inspiration from Nick Lane’s own personal journey. Injured in a car accident at the age of 26 that permanently damaged his neck and back, Lane, who was Associate Director and Literary Manager at Hull Truck Theatre from 2006-14, imagines Jekyll as a physically weakened man who discovers a cure for his ailments, a cure that also unearths the darkest corners of his psyche. Lane said: “I wondered if someone offered me a potion that was guaranteed to make me feel the way I did before the accident, but with the side effect that I’d become ruthless and horrible – would I drink it?”

Nick in this production has tried to “ramp up the physicality, the claustrophobia and the menace.”

Combining ensemble story-telling, physical theatre, movement and a razor-sharp script, alongside a new musical score by Tristan Parkes, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde remains true to the spirit and themes of the original story while offering one or two surprises, including a major female character, Eleanor, who drives Jekyll on in the same way Stevenson’s wife did urging her husband to complete the novel.

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