White Rock date for master of magic

The undisputed master of magic Paul Daniels is heading our way as part of a new 47-venue tour.

Paul’s ‘first farewell tour’ - entitled From Legend to Leg End - will be calling at The White Rock Theatre in Hastings on Saturday, September 21.

The tour started in early September and continues into December - a gruelling schedule but one which the 75-year-old entertainer is looking forward to.

Paul told the Observer this week that along with his wife Debbie McGhee he had completely revamped the show and promised plenty of fun and excitement.

“We’re bringing back some illusionist stuff we haven’t done for 20 years or so, plus some new pieces and we hope that people who have seen previous shows will enjoy the different acts.

“Magic is no longer just a black backdrop with a black box on a table. We have to provide full-on entertainment.”

The next three months will be incredibly hectic for Paul and Debbie - with the former also squeezing in three days in Denmark and his wife busy preparing for panto.

But he relishes the challenges. “I only go and perform if people me ask me to. When they don’t then obviously I’ll stop.

“And this morning the script for a one-many play arrived on my desk. It’s 90 minutes and basically a ‘sad comedy’.

“I like the look of that challenge and it’s certainly something I’ll seriously consider.”

At 75 Paul shows no sign of slowing down - and if his 10-minute conversation with the Observer is anything to go by he still has plenty to offer in the entertainment world.